The Game Changers Handbook

Hockey Strong

Discover 20 of the most impactful tips, ideas, strategies, and tactics I have been lucky enough to have learned over the last 10 plus years of being a kinesiologist, strength coach, hockey coach, and hockey parent.

Through various discussions, education, and research with some of the top trainers, coaches, and scouts I have collected a tremendous amount of information that I have whittled down into this fluff free hand book.

The Game Changers Handbook includes these Big Idea Topics:

  • Speed
  • Power
  • Explosiveness
  • Strength
  • Puck Control
  • Ice Awareness
  • Hockey IQ

and many more!

Plus all these Game Changers can be implemented now, regardless of age or skill level. 

I've come across many very knowledgable people in the sport of hockey through courses, conferences, education, and conversations. 

During this time the ideas that have been shared are definite "Game Changers" and I want to pass the very best ones on to you.   

I also wanted to make sure it was something all hockey parents and players could take advantage of and take action, so I've made this handbook available as a "pay what you can" purchase and your welcome to download it for free.

If you'd like to support the hours and hours that went into its creation over the past months even just a few bucks, just set the price to whatever amount you'd like to contribute and please know I truly appreciate it.


Since the release of "The Game Changers Handbook" I've had many questions about "where would be a great place to start in regards to an off season workout"?

So What I decided to do is throw in "The Bodyweight Workouts" and "The Gym Workouts" for FREE to anyone that downloads "The Game Changers Handbook" for absolutely any dollar value!! $1+

The Bodyweight Workouts are hockey training workouts that can be done anywhere with no equipment, in the basement, gym, lake, or backyard. The Gym Workouts are perfect for any athlete that has access to resistance equipment!

Also these programs are appropriate for any age and skill level. So you would actually get The Game Changers Handbook and The Bodyweight and Gym Workouts! Pretty much a no brainer:)

Thanks so much for your interest!


PS - You'll get the handbook for immediate download. It will also be emailed right to your inbox in five separate emails to make it even easier to consume all the material. I will also email out any additions to this list that I feel should be added in the future. If you chose to get The Bodyweight and Gym Workouts as well, you will receive a coupon code I'll email out directly to you.

PPS - What do you have to lose? - Maybe a bit of reading time... no big deal. - What can you gain? The opportunity to help your daughter or son reach their full potential in an activity they love! I think it's a WIN WIN:)

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The Game Changers Handbook

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